Creating a Foundation of Team Excellence

An organization is only as good as it’s people, and developing these people in a common direction is a key sign of maturity. Our 30 years of experience in supporting organizations world-wide has defined our success in developing a Project Leadership in organizations.

Our Support Model

Our experience shows that face-to-face hands-on support provides the best value for the time spent by team members.As organizations matures, there are three areas that need to be kept aligned to provide a foundation for success: A Project Management Framework, A Business Analysis Vision, and A Leadership Attitude.

A Framework of Success and Accountability - Everybody needs to get activities completed in a timely manner - they are effectively acting a project managers of their activities. An open forum on how to manage tasks (projects) within the team, the sharing of best practices is an important step in creating the consistent, mature organization your clients expect.

Whether you are a for-profit corporation, government, or volunteer based organization, there is a business model that defines your success. As organizations grow, there is a risk that the front-line employee loses touch with that business approach. If the most junior employee in your organization has a really bad day - your organization takes a business hit, even the most minute task is being done to provide business success. Keeping that vision alive in every employee is critical within a mature organization.

As organizations move from a command and control (pure management) approach to a self-directed (leadership) method, there needs to be a shift to increased trust, improved respect, and stronger communications mechanisms. There are times that every employee needs to take a leadership role, and when they do, they represent your organization. Ensure they understand those leadership attributes you expect and representatives of your brand to have.

Dan Fay, PMP, PBA has provided Project Management and Leadership Development opportunities for over 6000 managers worldwide, including many Halifax leaders. Contact Dan at